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Commanderie de Preïssan
Sophie Gély-Cavalier
11590 Ouveillan - France
Phone : 00 33 4 68 46 81 03


The winery’s reconversion through improved grape varieties began early in 1972. The Preïssan Winery has the advantage of having both quality grape varieties and exceptional calcareous clay soil.

Part of the vines are cultivated on the surrounding hills, containing more or less a large amount of fossilized oysters depending on the plot of land. Others are culitvated on the plateau made up of a mixture of fine particles and gravel which provide it with a very efficient filtering structure.

The planting of new plants is done using stock carefully chosen on the basis of soil research and qualitative cloning. The vines are pruned into goblet shape and grown over wires running through two metal wire supports to optimize the quality of the raw material.

Sophie GELY’s educational background which at first appeared to be superfluous has turned into something very useful for protecting the vineyard. As a matter of fact her greater knowledge of molecules, their activity and the way they act has helped her to use them in a reasoned manner.

Very careful attention is given to tilling, with one of the holes being tilled very deeply to force the vine to grow roots as far down as possible to better withstand the hot climate which comes early in the region. This is important because the quality of a wine depends on the quality of the vine.